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About Sporran Keyrings

We have now been trading for 15 years and with lockdown now over it is nice to see orders starting to come in again from all over the UK and overseas . Introducing a new Laser Engraving service over four years ago enabled our customers to personalise their keyrings and this has proved to be very successful, we will be continuing with this service. Two new leather colours (Tan & Off-white) were also introduced which expanded the colour choices. The black leather with black fur front sold very well – worth having a look.

This Sporran Keyring  remains a product which has a very strong appeal to many customers who have Scottish connections throughout the world, a perfect wedding favour and still handmade in Perthshire, at the heart of Scotland.

We have no minimum order for non-engraved keyrings, you can order a single keyring to see what it looks like before committing to a possible further order for your special day. Minimum order for laser engraved keyrings is 10 and can be made up with a mix of the 3 leather colours.

About our Keyrings …

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All of our Sporran Keyrings are made using quality genuine cow hide for the front tassels and backing.

Our Keyrings are made by a traditional sporran maker.

We sell the best Sporran Keyrings that are available to buy on the internet.

The fur used for the front of each keyring is either seal or bovine fur. Due to the fact we are using this natural fur, the colour and pattern varies slightly between keyrings making each one unique.

Seal fur is illegal to sell in the U.S.A. We are unable to export to this country, we can of course export the keyring with a bovine fur front.

If you are looking to impress your wedding guests and give them something to keep and remember your special day by then Sporran Keyrings are the ideal solution.

Our Keyrings slide over the top of miniature bottles.

Visit our Wedding Favours page for more information.

By turning the metal key ring up, you can insert Place Cards or Business Cards to give your wedding or event a stylish twist.

Visit our Wedding Place Card Holders page for more information.

We provide a Laser Engraving service which allows you to truly personalise the leather back of your Sporran Keyring with two names and a date or Wedding Bells.

Visit our Laser Engraving page for more information.

We also sell Sporrans

In addition to Sporran Keyrings, we sell Adult Full Dress Sporrans.

Our Sporrans are traditionally made using only the best materials and make the perfect accessory to complete your highland dress outfit.

As all our Sporrans are made from natural skins, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match to the products shown on our shop page.

Delivery is free for all UK Mainland orders.

Please visit our shop page to see our range of Sporrans.